The Station Theatre is run by Hayling Island Amateur Dramatic Society (HIADS)

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If you would like to get involved and appear on a real stage, then why not attend HIADS next Reading or Casting.

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The Hayling Island Station Theatre is run by HIADS (Hayling Island Amateur Dramatic Society). The Station Theatre puts on HIADS productions (plays and pantomimes) and also has productions by outside groups and performers as well as showing blockbuster films every month.

Need a New Hobby?

Why not join the team at HIADS and find a great way to learn new, or show off old, talents? It's not only directors and actors that we need, but also all the great folk who sell tickets, look after visitors, can help build and paint sets, or make costumes and props, or setup lighting and sound or looking after the accounts, or building maintenance, or advertising, social media and websites. Whatever your skill set or whatever you'd like to learn, you're sure to be welcome. So why not Join Us.

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7:30pm (2:30pm Saturday Matinee) £6, £4 Children

Hayling Island Young Actors present:

Prince Caspian

adapted by Erina Caradus

directed by Laura Duncan

While standing on a British railway station, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie are magically whisked away to a beach near an old and ruined castle. They determine the ruin is Cair Paravel, where they ruled as the Kings and Queens of Narnia, and discover the treasure vault where Peter's sword and shield, Susan's bow and arrows, and Lucy's bottle of magical cordial and dagger are stored. Susan's horn for summoning help is missing, as she left it in the woods the day they returned to England after their prior visit to Narnia. Although only a year has passed in England, 1300 years have passed in Narnia.

The children, finding Narnia is in trouble, fight to bring Prince Caspian, the rightful heir, to the throne.

PRINCE CASPIAN, © Copyright C S Lewis Pte Ltd 1951. Get Official NARNIA® news at https://www.facebook.com/TheChroniclesofNarnia